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Analytical framework

The EMPHASIS frameworks allows you to assess your technologies with respect to Efficiency, Efficacy, Coherence and Sustainability. To evaluate your own technology simply go through each question and assign a score, assign a level of uncertainty and check the distribution meets your expectations!

Analytical framework


The score is a five point categorical scale, normally from Very Low to Very High. The meaning of each score is given below and is always framed in terms of the reaction of the user. For example, if you stated that the start up cost was Very Low then you think the cost would be acceptable to the user. If you said it was high then you think that the cost would likely dissuade users.

Very low - 10%: Acceptable
Info - 25%: Probably acceptable
Warning - 50%: will be a considerationin decision to use
Danger - 75%: Likely to dissuade from use
Default - 100%: Not acceptable


Often with new technologies is is very hard to know exactly what score to give. This is why each score is
associated with an uncertainty value. If you were very confident that the score is correct then choose Very Low uncertainty. If you are unsure as to whether then selected score is correct then choose High uncertainty.

Very low - 25%: Confident that the selected score is correct
Info - 50%: Fairly sure that the selected score is correct
Warning - 75%: Unsure but selected score most likely
Danger - 100%: Unsure whether the selected score is correct


The framework takes your score and uncertainty level for each question and creates a visual distribution. The y-axis gives each possible score from Very Low (VL) through to Very High (VH) and the x-axis Shows you the probability of each score being correct.
After you give an answer for each question, scan this distribution to make sure it meets your expectation.

Have a go!

Now have a go for yourself! We recommend filling out the analytical framework every time you reach a key stage in product development to identify your unique selling points and where you could be stronger.