Peronospora belbahrii

Various species of downy mildew can cause complete loss of high value crops such as basil and salad rocket. These organisms are relatively recent emerging threats in some countries, and provide examples of where small area but high value crops, often critical to horticultural economies, can be devastated. Relatively low disease incidence can reduce quality at the point of sale such that crops are rejected by retailers. Detecting early inoculum in the growing environment through seed, soil or air spora testing within EMPHASIS WP2 (sentinel crops for Peronospora belbahrii, LAMP assay for seed detection, metagenomic approach for airborne inoculum) will provide growers with the best opportunity to take preventative action. Within WP3 better understanding of the range of disease resistance available in the limited range of commercial material that is usual in such crops will provide information to breeding industry. Growers participating in WP4 validation activities will adopt IPM protocols based on combined use of chemical, biological

Management approach

For monitoring techniques: Develop EPPO standard (PM 7/98) validated LAMP assays and commercial kits for species level detection and identification by non-experts for pests/ pathogens

For biological monitoring: intensive sentinel plots

For improved chemical control: Conventional control means will be tested in combination with resistance inducers and/or biological plant strengtheners, physical methods, resistance sources and BCAs to design IPM protocols.

Solution proposed by EMPHASIS

For monitoring techniques: Automated result calling algorithms for LAMP assays (CO) and 20 validated LAMP assay kits for species level detection/ identification (PU); Ready to use platform + specific assays for identification of several pests/pathogens on the spot
Impact (on uptake): More targeted (time, chemical) control; less resistance; less env. Impacts?

For biological monitoring: An early detector network of sentinel plot locations appropriate for monitoring infection potential of target pathogens (PU) for Establishment of a monitoring network; early warning system for spread due to climate change
Impact: improved eradication; support of research for control

For improved chemical control: Guidelines for IPM strategies for vegetable crops (PU)

Contact person/organisation

Neil Boonham (FERA) Giovanna Gilardi (UNITO) Jane Thomas (NIAB)